You and I
Zweites Studioalbum

Das zweite Studioalbum, aufgenommen bei Little Konzett im Little Big Beat Studio, ab sofort erhältlich. Jetzt reinhören!




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Little Big Beat Studios




1. Starlight

2. Breathe

3. Turn the lights on

4. Stay

5. Falling man

6. Shout it out

7. Kaleydoscope

8. You and I

9. Stay (Acoustic Version)


Produced by Keaden & Little Konzett

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Little Konzett at LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS, Eschen, between November and December 2021


Assisted by Christof Raggl

Pro Tools editing by Kurt Keckeis


Music & Lyrics by Keaden


Guitar World, Tech and Sound by Rolf Büchel

Additional Samples, Programming and Synthesizers by Götz Arens

Additional Percussion by Little Konzett


Artwork by Büro für Gebrauchsgraphic AG

Under Your Skin
Erstes Studioalbum

Erstes Studio-Album, aufgenommen bei Tommy Vetterli im New Sound Studio.



1. Under Your Skin 

2. Princess Life 

3. I Want To Know Myself 

4. Shelter In The Pain 

5. Here I Am 

6. Star Shines Deep Inside 

7. Love Wil Go On Love Will Stay 

8. Lude 

9. Hello 

10. Catch Me If You Can 

11. Sunday

12. Feel Safe 

13. Piano Song 


Erscheinung: 25. Januar 2008




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